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Posted by wpadmin on November 30, 2019
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UAE 48th National Day

UAE 48th National Day: Breaking and setting new world records is the UAE’s favourite pastime, some might think, given the world records that the UAE holds. On the occassion of the UAE’s 48th National Day, we put together a list of 48 known and not-so-well-known world records, with the latest ones first.

1. The UAE’s ‘Flowers of Tolerance’

The UAE’s ‘Flowers of Tolerance’ is the latest to enter the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest natural flower carpet, beating the existing record set by Italy. The flower carpet laid out in Italy in 2016 was 3980.84sqm. The Flowers of Tolerance flower carpet set the new record at 5,426.65 square meters in UAE 48th National Day.

2. Most people wrapped as mummies in three minutes

The most people wrapped as mummies in three minutes is 52 and was achieved by WAFI at WAFI, Dubai on November 1, 2019.

There were 74 mummies, 22 of which were disqualified for not being wrapped according to the guidelines.

3. Largest hand-knitted blanket (non-crochet)

The largest hand-knitted blanket (non-crochet) is 3,952.21 square metres and was achieved by a group of UAE residents led by Kanika Kapur, an Indian expat in Dubai on September 13, 2019.

This giant blanket will be later cut into several parts and sent to orphanages around the world.

4. Biggest picture frame

UAE 48th National Day

The Dubai Frame, stands tall at 150 metres (492 feet). It took nearly ten years of planning before being unveiled just this year. The project that cost an astounding Dh320 million is a tourist hotspot. With a museum showcasing the rapid development of the city from a desert to a metropolitan hub, visitors can view older, historical spots from the city’s past on one side and modern landmarks on the other.

5. Largest Christmas bauble ornament

UAE 48th National Day

T’was really a jolly season for The Dubai Mall (Emaar Malls) when they set the world record for the largest Christmas bauble ornament around Christmas in 2018. It was 4.68 metres in diameter and weighed 1,100 kilograms for UAE 48th National Day.

6. Largest human image of a coffee pot

UAE 48th National Day

UAE 48th National Day celebrated in multiple ways. The UAE loves coffee, and the serving of traditional Arabic coffee (gahwa) is a social ritual. So, a coffee related world record sould not come as a surprise. In 2018, 5,403 participants of the India International School, in Sharjah, came together to make the largest human image of a coffee pot. The image represented a tilted dallah coffee pot.

7. Most dominoes toppled in a circle field

The most dominoes toppled in a circle field is 89,995 and was achieved by Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi on 1 December 2018. It formed the ‘Year of Zayed’ 2018 logo.

This attempt beat the previous record by nearly 14,000 dominoes.

8. Largest quilling paper mosaic (logo)

UAE 48th National Day and The Year of Zayed appeared in more than one world record attempts in 2018. This time 532 students got together to make the largest quilling paper mosaic (logo). It measured 30.51square metres and was achieved by United Arab Emirates University, in Al Ain, UAE, on September 9, 2018. They created the mosaic over a period of six months, using 276,800 stripes of quilling paper.

9. Largest jigsaw puzzle

The largest jigsaw puzzle measures, too, featured the logo. The feat was achieved by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) in Dubai on July 7, 2018. The puzzle contained 12,320 pieces.

10. Largest umbrella / parasol

The largest umbrella/parasol is 24.5m in diameter and was created by Khalifa Empowerment Program – Aqdar (UAE) in Abu Dhabi on March 24, 2018. It was 15.22m high, and was created to celebrate Emirates Happiness Events.

11. Most circle wheelies on a motorcycle in one minute

The most circle wheelies on a motorcycle in one minute is 36 and was achieved by Šarūnas Kezys of Lithuania during RAK Road Riders in association with Ras Al Khaimah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in Ras Al Khaimah on March, 2018. Three riders were allowed an attempt at this record but only one exceeded the minimum.

12. Largest notebook mosaic (logo)

The largest notebook mosaic (logo) measures 702.82 square metres and was achieved by Abu Dhabi University and Knowledge Group, in Abu Dhabi on March 21, 2018.

13. Longest zipline

The longest zip wire is Jebel Jais Flight, measuring a single unbroken span of 2,831.88m, achieved by Toro Verde and Ras al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority. It is located at Jebel Jais, in Ras Al Khaimah, and was opened on January 31, 2018.

14. Largest cup of hot tea

Standing 3.66m tall, the world’s largest cup of tea was displayed at Global Village Dubai in 2019. The gigantic cup measuring 1.42m in diameter was filled with 5,000 liters of tea. The massive cup also came equipped with a heating system to maintain a blistering temperature of 85 degrees Celsius!

Another Guinness World Record attempt for Dubai: the largest cup of karak chai in the world.

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